Brooks Bottom-Fed to Socket-Type Adapter


Ekstrom 4900 Series adapters provide a simple, inexpensive means for replacing single-phase bottom connected meters with modern socket-type meters. Use indoors on switch boxes or open-wired, or install in outdoor overall enclosures.

Ten models are available, eight of which are rated at 100 amps continuous and two at 135 amps continuous.

The improved shell design is molded from fiberglass reinforced polyester material. This material was chosen for its excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal-resistant properties.


  • Quick installation on location.
  • Restores temporary service until underground service is restored during regular working hours.
  • Sealed meter service during repair.
  • Safe, locked socket enclosure with no openings at either end.
  • Rugged, rust and corrosion proof polyester-fiberglass adapter case.
  • Ringless or ring style.
  • Standard 2” hub; available in smaller sizes.
  • All models rated at 175 amps.
Brooks Bottom-Fed to Socket-Type Adapter