Brooks Compact and Mini Compact Switches


The rugged construction, huskiness and capacity of the Meter Devices ‘standard’ larger size has been retained. Without sacrificing these features, the compact and minicompact switch is appreciably shorter in length to conserve and utilize panel space on switchboard installations. The mini-compact switch is also narrower.

The compact test switch and the mini-compact test switch are extremely flexible to  the extent that one can be furnished to fit your exact need. For example: If only a two pole switch is needed, then a two pole switch can be furnished in a two pole case. This same two pole switch can be furnished in a larger case, if desired. If a 24 pole switch is needed, it can be furnished in a 24 pole case, or any combination in between.

Any arrangement of switch elements can be made available. Standard handle color is black. Color coding of the handles can be provided as an option. Individual switches can be operated independently, replaced or rearranged in the field. Ganging of the test switch handles is also available.



Molded plastic which has excellent insulating qualities and non-tracking characteristics.

Switch Blade

Standard size special tempered copper.

Switch Handle

Standard color is black. Other colors available are: red, yellow, orange, brown, green, blue, white, red with white tracer, green with white tracer, black with white tracer and white with black tracer. The design of all handles will permit multiple ganging if desired and will hold identification cards. The handle has deep serrations for utmost safety and convenience, offering a secure grip when operating the blade.

Contact Jaw

Double spring reinforced contacts designed and developed by Brooks Meter Devices are considered by far the best contacts available. Contact jaws are made of high conductivity spring bronze and are reinforced with high conductivity spring bronze clips. The jaw is a spring in itself and will not spread, thus assuring perfect contact, low resistance, no over-heating and easy operation at all times. The added reinforcement of the clip is positive assurance at long life and perfect action.

Hinge Jaw

Constant and uniform smooth pressure against the switch blade is assured by the use of a spring washer under the head of the hinge rivet, which maintains the correctly adjusted jaw tension.

Short Circuit Clip

This clip eliminates the weakest and most  troublesome part of present day test switches. It is a ‘make-before-break’ type, made from one piece of high conductivity spring bronze. It cannot get out of alignment, while projections on the knife-blade prevent raising the blade to a point where it is out of  contact with the clip. A return strap completes the circuit to the spring test jack.

Test Jack

A pair of high conductivity bronze springs are built into the return circuit of a pair of current elements of a Brook Meter Devices’ test switch. The test jack keeps the secondary circuit of the transformer closed. When it is desired to isolate the current coil, Cat. #903-1116 test plug is used. The plug also provides a quick and easy method of connecting indicating or graphic meters into the circuit. A switch blade is also included in the assembly.