Brooks Dead-leg Adapter


The Dead-leg Adapter allows the safe resumption of temporary service when one leg of a 120/240 volt service is dead due to events such as storm damage or faulted underground service cable.

By removing the fuse from the faulted leg side and placing it across the load side lugs, 120 volts will be provided to each side of the service. Since these two phases now have the same potential, 240 volt appliances will not operate while temporary device is installed.

The meter can be stored in the adapter and will be isolated from the line voltage. 


  • Safely provides full 120 volt service
  • Movable 110 amp, 200,000 AIC fuses
  • Stores meter in disconnected position.

Product Numbers

Dead-leg Adapter

  •  Model 37-2J-4B-SP3561