Brooks Handi Ring


The Handi Ring is a medium/high security locking device, for ring style electric meter sockets.


Ring Style Electric Meter Sockets and Meter Socket Adapters


  • Heavy Duty stainless steel band is manufactured under high quality control to maintain a rigid round diameter with no edge wrinkles. 
  • The large sealing slots provide four times the sealing possibilities of other screw type rings.  Seals can easily be applied at either end of the screw
  • The Fingre-Grip 5/16” screw with Acme threads allows for hand tightening in most installations, but will accept a slotted screwdriver or 3/16” hex drive.
  • The bracket and Finger-Grip screw are corrosion-resistant, die cast zinc.
  • The screw can be installed from either the right or left side depending on the dominant hand of the installer.
  • The front wall of the band is smaller than the back wall, per ANSI standards, so that it will put pressure on the meter cover when tightened.  It is marked for proper orientation.