Brooks K-7 to Current Transformer Conversion Kit


 Safety concerns, old metering technology, and a desire to eliminate a single source for electric meters are driving more and more utility companies away from K-Base metering products. And while it’s easy to use instrument transformer-rated or self-contained 320-amp products for new installations, what about your existing K-Base installations? What’s the best way to convert these present metering products?

The answer is the new 600-7545 K-7 to Current Transformer Conversion Kit from Brooks Meter Devices. It’s a great way to quickly and easily convert a self-contained K-Base meter installation to a current transformer-rated enclosure.

Here’s how it works: Disconnect the electrical service and remove the K-7 interior. Install the 600-7545 with bar-type transformers and then reconnect the existing primary conductors to the provided mounting studs. The new 600-7545 conversion kit mounts in the same footprint as the K-7 interior. Blank off the meter location, and your conversion is done. Ordered separately and wired to your company’s specifications, our patented Snap2TM pre-wired meter socket and test switch completes the project when nippled and wired to the secondary side of current transformers.

Give your existing meter installations increased flexibility and safety with the new K-Base to Current Transformer Conversion Kit.


Any application where a conversion from K-7 to current transformer is desired.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Provides enhanced safety
  • Provides multiple sourcing for meters
  • Kit includes a conversion mounting plate (with miniature bar-type current transformers)
  • Includes a meter blank-off cover, which blanks off the existing meter opening


  • 14 GA G-90 Galvanized steel panel
  • 1/2- 20 mounting studs and hardware
  • Three miniature bar style current transformers