Brooks Low Profile K-4 Conversion Adapter


Safety concerns, old metering technology, AMR changeouts, and a desire to eliminate a single source for electric meters are driving many utility companies away from K-Base metering products. What’s a great way to convert existing single phase bolt-in K-Base installations?

The answer is the new LP K-4 Conversion Adapter from Brooks Ekstrom. It’s a great way to quickly and easily convert a self-contained K-4 meter enclosure to a socket type enclosure.

For increased safety the K-4 Conversion Adapter also features a dead-front safety shield for guiding the meter into its proper position. This adapter also incorporates large tin-plated conductors for improved current carrying capacity. The LP K-4 is rated at 320 amps continuous with a Class 320 meter and 200 amps continuous with a Class 200 meter.

The LP K-4 Conversion Adapter, from the Brooks UPG family of K-Base Conversion products.


  • Dead-front safety shield for increased safety and proper blade alignment
  • Tin-plated conductors like those found on the meter it replaces
  • Large conductors for improved current-carrying capacity
  • Replaces older, expensive bolt-in meters
  • Rated at 320 amperes continuous with a Class 320 meter
  • Rated at 200 amperes continuous with a Class 200 meter


Safety Shields

  • Designed to cover exposed uninsulated buss and studs enclosure
  • Protects against accidental contact with live parts when the large and heavy enclosure cover is being installed or removed
  • Fits directly over K-Base meter or K-Base meter Conversion Adapter
  • Mounts on existing studs with insulating acorn-type nuts

Cover/Meter Gasket

  • For outdoor applications where added water sealing is desired or necessary on any type of  ringless meter socket
  • Low cost
  • Simple to install
  • Will help prolong the life of the socket resulting from internal corrosion due to leakage around the meter

Product Numbers:

  • LP-K4                     – Single phase
  • LP-K4-RJ               – Single Phase with restricted jaw opening at position #3
  • 81-4JH-SP3652      – Single phase, bottom fed