Brooks Meter Disconnect Device


Made of high-impact nylon, the MDD 45 can be reused numerous times and reduces disconnection cost to pennies per meter. It has an excellent dielectric strength of 8KV and can be used as a line insulator when a socket is being serviced.

When the MDD 45 is used for meter disconnect, the meter is rotated 45°.   This rotation positively disconnects the meter, with no possibility of current leakage. After removing the meter from the socket, the MDD 45 is installed on the top left meter blade. The meter is then plugged into the socket at a 45°   angle. The blades, which are the same thickness as meter blades, fit securely into the socket’s upper jaws, and there ‘-” is no abnormal wear of the socket jaws.

Meter readers will quickly spot this disconnect, because the meter is at a 45° angle.


  • Safe and effective means of meter disconnection
  • Reduces electrical hazards
  • Extremely rugged
  • Easily installed
  • Reusable
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Can be used as a line insulator when utility personal are working on socket
Brooks Meter Disconnect Device 45