Brooks Meter Disconnect Sleeves


Brooks Meter Devices has added meter disconnect sleeves (MD-5) to its line of meter accessories. The MD-5 sleeves provide utilities with a quick, safe and economical means of temporarily isolating the customer meter from the electrical service while allowing the meter to stay in place. Disconnect sleeves, also know as meter boots, are used extensively in rental properties or in areas where it is not advantageous to remove the meter and return it to the meter shop. Meter-disconnect sleeves are widely used by electric utilities—IOUs, rural co-ops, municipals-domestically as well as internationally. MD-5 sleeves are also available from electrical distributors that serve the electric cooperatives, municipals and the contractor/industrial markets. MD-5 sleeves are manufactured from Kodar®, which is PETG polyester plastic. The material is .007 mils thick ±.001. It is actually slightly thicker and tougher than some competitive products. The Meter Devices MD-5 is distinguished from others by two blue stripes down the body of the sleeve. Its seamless technology and superior material toughness offers many advantages over competitive brands.


  • Specs of 7 mil, lay-flat KODAR® PETG polyester-film plastic.
  • Nominal insulation factor: 100V/mil.
  • Melting point: 250 degrees C.
  • A.C. voltage test: 4000V. Sec.
  • Jaw insertion without tear: Tear strength: 1500 lb/inch.
  • Fits all manufacturers’ meter blades.
  • High dielectric strength.
  • Non-hydroscopic
Brooks Meter Disconnect Sleeves