Brooks Neutral Tester


Brooks Ekstrom’s Neutral Testers offer an effective, immediate way to detect and locate loose, open or otherwise faulty neutrals. They are especially helpful in diagnosing customer complaints associated with malfunctions caused by faulty neutrals.

Brooks Ekstrom’s Model ME2515-SP1428 has a 2500 watt load built in. It also has two 75-150 VAC meters located on the front panel, which provide immediate indication of a faulty neutral. The device is fuse-protected, lightweight and easy to use.

Brooks Ekstrom’s Model ME2510-SP1382 has been designed with 2500 watts of load. It has three binding post at the bottom to allow meter tester to plug in their own voltmeters for neutral testing.

Both testers have universal which securely fasten to either a ring or ringless style socket during testing. A neutral binding post with flexible lead and alligator clip extends from the bottom of each unit. For proper operation this lead should be connected to the neutral located in the meter socket.

A double pole, double throw switch is located at the top of the tester, to enable the operator to switch from each leg of the line to neutral, thus loading the neutral.

Note: The Brooks Ekstrom adapter, 81-4J-SP1396, will convert these neutral testers for use on A-Base installations. It also can be used to test the customer’s service panel.


  • Safe, effective detection of loose, open or faulty neutrals.
  • Allows utility personnel to safely install or remove watthour meters.
  • Universal bases securely fasten ring or ringless style sockets.
  • Single or polyphase models available.
  • Fuse protected.
  • Portable, lightweight, rugged construction.

Product Numbers


  • ME2515-SP1428
  • ME2510-SP1382
Brooks Neutral Tester