Brooks Polyphase Transformer Rated A to S Adapter


Brooks Ekstrom’s Polyphase Transformer Rated A to S adapter (PTR) can accommodate the latest meter-cabling requirements. The PTR features the industry’s best terminal block design and unitized surge-ground frame, and its dead –front safety shield provides an extra measure of safety.


Dead-front safety shield

  • Jaws and connections are enclosed to prevent accidental contact with live parts.
  • Chamfered guides line up meter blades for proper insertion into adapter jaws.
  • Clear safety shields display all wire routing and connection potentials from jaw to terminal.

Industry’s best terminal block design

  • Large current and potential terminal collars accept a wide range of wire sizes from #18 – #4 (or two #8 wires)
  • Captive terminal collar screws.
  • Potential and current collar screws are the same size and will accept a standard slotted screwdriver.
  • All current and potential wire have the same 1/2-inch strip length.
  • Wires are clamped between collar and terminal to prevent cutting strands when the screw is tightened.

Innovative potential jaws and connections

  • Standard fast-on type connectors at all potential jaw positions can connect to potentials, KYZ connections or ground in the socket.
  • Screw connection point with side support for stripped wires located at all potential jaw positions.

Unitized surge-ground system

  • One piece surge-ground frame standard on all model with green #10 provided in ANSI-specified location.

Adapter shell-design features

  • Tough, impact-resistant shell is molded of rugged, UL-recognized, recyclable polycarbonate with UV protection.
  • Standard built-in cable slots provide easy egress for control and communication cables found on new meter designs. The slots allow cables to pass under the adapter rim and terminal covers into a sealed area.
  • Tamper-resistant terminal cover design has anti-rotational barriers that, when used with a high-security ring, prevents the unauthorized removal of terminal cover or meter.
  • Can be installed with the same mounting screws as the original A-base meter.
Brooks Polyphase Transformer Rated A to S Adapter