Brooks Prewired Sockets


Brooks Meter Devices Company can pre-wire all series 3000 sockets with test switch and wiring harness. Your socket will be built exactly to your specifications, ready for installation. Prewiring saves you the time, trouble and expense of wiring the sockets yourself. Brooks Meter Devices’ factory/prewired sockets provide an accurate, cost-effective alternative to hiring an outside contractor. Simply send us your wiring diagram and specifications for test switch, wire size and color coding. We will provide a quotation and designate an exclusive part number for your meter sockets.

Standard specifications:

  • Enclosures – 16 ga. galvannealed steel, gray baked-powder epoxy finish.
  • Interior – meter mounting blocks are electrical phenolic. Socket terminals accommodate wire from #14 through #6 cu/al.
  • Covers – ring-type – supplied with a 2-piece cover. Cover over test switch portion can be removed without disturbing meter portion. Screw-type sealing rings provided.
  • Covers – ringless – provided with either 1-piece or 2- piece covers.
  • Sealing provisions – ring-type – upper cover locks with internal sliding latch and meter-sealing ring.
  • Lower cover locks with stainless steel swing-latch and hasp; provisions for sealing wire, padlock seal or padlock.
  • Sealing provisions – ringless – upper cover secured by 2 captive screws, inaccessible when test switch cover is in place. Test-switch cover portion and 1-piece covers lock with stainless steel swing-latch & hasp.
  • Ground Stud – pem-type stud with lock washer and hex nut.
  • Knockouts – six – 3/4” x 1” x 1-1/4” in bottom, back & sides; one 1/4” x 5/8” x 7/8” in bottom.
  • Hipot testing at 2000 volts
  • Continuity test – ensures all wires are properly terminated
  • Wire lugs – phenumatically applied by amp wire machine and laser- checked for proper attachment.

Optional features:

  • Meter retainer clips (ringless-style) – can be attached to surge brackets. When meter installed, clips swing up and over ring on meter cover. Meter is secured in socket when socket cover is removed, preventing accidental removal of meter.
  • Barrel-lock provision – a KO is provided in front cover of socket and a barrel lock bracket inside the can for high security.
  • Ground stud – single or duplex pad-type connector available.
  • Knockouts – various sizes available as an option.
  • Lock-ring guards – guards for locking ring on ring-style sockets.
Brooks Prewired Sockets