Brooks Service Disconnect Adapter

Brooks Ekstrom’s Service Disconnect Adapter SDA 45 provides a safe and economical means of disconnecting service on installations where it is not desirable to return meters to the shop. Meter readers will quickly spot this disconnect, because the meter is at a 45º angle.

The SDA 45 is especially cost-effective, because it can be used over and over.


  • Rugged polycarbonate construction
  • High dielectric strength: withstands 10,000 volts
  • Easy to install
  • Low profile
  • Meter can be stored in socket following disconnection
  • Positive disconnect in clamp-jaw sockets
  • Fits ring or ringless sockets
  • Easy checks for cutoffs
  • Meter isolated from socket jaws
  • Foolproof, will not leak power to customer
Brooks Service Disconnect Adapter