Brooks Service Limiter Adapter


It is now possible to use the limiter as a service extender, extending a service at a controlled amount to delinquent accounts that should otherwise have their service terminated. With proper handling, increased collections can be achieved while projecting a very positive image to the public.

 Well organized use of the limiter, as a service extender, can also reduce the number of non-collectibles. The customer that finds a limiter installed on his home can continue to live in the residence. In most cases, he must severely restrict the consumption of electricity, but he can exist. He is not forced to immediately pay, live without or move. He has been given a few days of reprieve, and he has been given a real test of what it is like to live without electricity.

 We recommend you develop a comprehensive program to monitor all aspects of Service Limiter installation – form public relations to maintenance. Brooks Ekstrom is ready to assist you with any phase of Service Limiter implementation.


  • Proven collection tool.
  • Provides limited electric service to delinquent accounts.
  • Reduces non-collectibles.
  • Positive customer and collector relations.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Reusable and cost effective.
  • Easily installed – no extra wiring.
  • Installs in ring or ringless style sockets.