Brooks Temporary Service Adapter 700 Series


Ekstrom “700 Series” Temporary Service Adapter provide a quick method of installing emergency service to an individual customer, either from a transformer or a neighbor’s service box.

This “plug-in” system allows individual metering of one or more residences, and conforms with industry safety code requirements.

Connection of the service drop cable between the two adapters is made from the line side of the source adapter to the line side of the load adapter. Consequently, energy being used by each customer is registered only by their respective watt-hour meters.

The Load Adapter (catalog No. 732-B for ringless style sockets; 722-B for ring style) is installed into the meter socket enclosure of the interrupted customer.

Faulted service is isolated from the new source, since there is no connection between the two top blades and the lay-in-lug assembly.

Dummy blades act as guides or support, terminating at the inner surface of the fiberglass base of the adapter. Temporary service is routed through a hub located at the bottom of the adapter and connected to the lay-in-lug-jaw assemblies and neutral lay-in-lug assembly.


  • Quick installation on location.
  • Restores temporary service until underground service is restored during regular working hours.
  • Sealed meter service during repair.
  • Safe, locked socket enclosure with no openings at either end.
  • Rugged, rust and corrosion proof polyester-fiberglass adapter case.
  • Ringless or ring style.
  • Standard 2” hub; available in smaller sizes.
  • All models rated at 175 amps.