FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., U.S.A — Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® has tested and approved Brooks Utility Products Group’s Snap2™ pre-wired meter socket. The tests were conducted to UL’s 414 standard.

“The UL listing verifies the safety of and customers’ confidence in the Snap2 Meter Socket,” said John Gagnon, manager of marketing for Brooks Meter Devices. “The customers who have used the Snap2 socket already know its time-saving and inventory-reducing benefits. Snap2 Socket’s UL approval will open the door to new customers, particularly those who are required to use UL-listed products.”

When contractors and installers use the Snap2 meter socket, they have greater flexibility in their work schedule. They do not have to schedule specific installation times with their utility customers because the meters will be installed later – only when they are needed.

Once the contractors have done their job, utility personnel take pre-wired meter panels to the job site, and snap them into place. This reduces installation time from hours to a matter of minutes at each job site.

The Snap2 transformer-rated meter socket is available from the Brooks Meter Devices facility. Each panel for the Snap2 socket is furnished in 6, 8, or 13 terminal designs, and pre-wired to a customer-approved test switch and color-coded wiring specifications. Available models include one- and two-piece ringless, and two-piece ring type covers.

Each pre-wired panel is ready to snap into place in the separate meter housings using Brooks Meter Devices’ patent-pending, snap-in installation system.

Brooks Utility Snapshot 2