Build safe, reliable, SUNRAY-ENET Ad hoc network low-voltage power Electric power meter reading system


On February 8, writer and electrical meter reader come to one residential area in town WEISHANHUAN JINING, reader got all data of the electricity usage at the downstairs of each building easily without go through the door of corridor. Builds in this residential area installed SUNRAY-ENET Ad hoc network low-voltage power Electric power meter reading system after understanding.

Company emphasizes to speed up construction of intelligent electricity net, intelligent electricity net need to perfect reliability of auto-data logging system. Ad hoc network low-voltage power Electric power meter wirless reading system which developed by SUNRAY-ENET devotes to improve people’s living standard, meet the requirement of  intelligent electric data-logging management From Chinese Government’s  “intelligent electric net” ‘s strategy and construction. Adopt SUNRAY’s new generation auto net wireless communication technology—-Product developed basing on long-distance data-logging system is the most appropriate solution, it assures accuracy and reliability of meter reading.

How many functions and advantages does it have? Engineer CHEN JUN YANG which developed this system said:”1.High rate of successful meter reading. Rate of first reading is above 99%, second time reading can complete 100%. 2. Installation and maintenance are very convenient. Concentrator, collector, Wireless electric meter can complete networking, provide route, complete management of route automatically. 3.Good instantaneity Reading first lever not at scene, response time is 0.7S. Reading first lever note at background, response time is around 5S. 4. High safety. Data encryption applied at point to point communication in net to assure security of communication. 5. Big covering range of net. Provide 16 lever route, long distance. 6. Frequency hopping anti-jamming. 7. Channel frequency hopping automatically, hardware watchdog, Extended Temperature XO, high performance of anti-jamming. 8.High efficiency of data transmission. Single packet data frame can transfer valid data range to 1200 bit. 9. Net is stable and intelligent,ad-Hoc-Network form super stable net structure,any note can make path repaired itself. 10. Big capacity of net. This net can accommodate 3000 network nodes 11. Free frequency range. 470MHZ free frequency range has good communication distance and penetrability.12. Suitable for any environment.  According to field application it can form three solution of application: concentrator+ collector+485 meter, concentrator+ collector+485 meter+ wireless meter, concentrator+ wireless meter. It can put to use in any environment of recent ammeter area..”

Sunray N2

Writer saw this residential area installed SUNRAY-ENET Ad-Hoc Network electric meter reading solution which was made up of concentrator, collector and ammeter, system achieve gapless communication through each nodes of Remote Meter Reading System and central nodes(concentrator), Each instrument build communication net with each other automatically and this net can repair itself without any manual intervention. System easy to install, anti-jamming, high successful rate of meter reading, fast data transferring, safe and stable of net, suitable for any environment, it makes up recent meter reading solution’s advantages efficiently, provide basic assurance to national electric control plan. Through the data from this area, first meter reading rate reach to 99%, 100% after system data reading, data available rate 100%. It is reported that this system’s build-in modules also used SUNRAY SH’s SUNRAY-ENET net wireless communication modules. This module is designed according to the newest national net standard, applied frequency 470-477MHZ, made up of concentrator’s central nodes and collector’s route nodes. Module not only can be used in collector but also used in electric meter, plug and play, electric meter no needs to do any change. Wireless collectors or wireless electric meter can transfer correct data under assurance. Modules can net in, register information, data reporting, automatic data route, automatic repairing path, anti-jamming, big capacity net, etc. After interview, writer met this residential area’s Xiao Zhao. He said excitedly: he and his wife work hard every week, when want to have a good sleep at weekend, always disturbed by those guys who come to do meter reading, depressed a lot, now used this system of SUNRAY, such trouble disappeared.

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