Bulk Air/ Vapour Eliminator


Bulk Air / Vapor Eliminator
With the stringent requirements placed on custody transfer flow metering systems, an effective means of air/vapor elimination is essential to ensure optimum accuracy and repeatability performance from your flow metering system. The Neptune line of vertical air eliminators provides greater retention time. This coupled with a stainless steel float assembly and the option of 150 or 300# ANSI flanges makes the air eliminator ideal for a wide range of applications including liquefied gases.
Bulk Air/Vapor Eliminator Features

  • Specifically designed for Industrial, Petroleum, LPG and NH3 applications
  • Wide range of sizes ? 50 to 203 mm (2" to 8")
  • Flow rates up to 1400 gpm
  • Discharges air up to 1100 scfm
  • Stainless steel float assembly to handle wide range of products