Bulk Inventory Management


The Neptune bulk inventory tracking system brings all product flows under measurement and control. By instantaneously tracking mass in/mass out balances, the system provides real-time information that has significant bottom-line impact.


  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Timely ordering/purchasing
  • Shorter billing cycles
  • Faster inventory turnover
  • Optimized revenue and cash flow
  • Rapid payback

Outstanding flexibility enables the system to accomodate unloading from a variety of supply modes:

From ships, pipelines, railcars or motor transports. Neptune Coriolis mass flowmeters measure every liquid-phase flow and vapor return loop. This uniquely integrated approach tightens up inventory tracking by accounting for vapor-phase return flows previously not measured — particularly significant in bulk unloading or bobtail filling operations.

One PC, comprehensively interfaced with multiple flowmeters, pumps, valves and sensors, displays data through custom Windows software. The software provides a detailed tabular log of every event, an instantaneous mass balance, and total inventory position. Transaction information can be interfaced with accounting software for seamless management. Managers can track status anytime, anywhere, through remote monitoring and control capabilities.