Business Efficiency Solutions Overview


DSTi’s Business Efficiency Solutions allows you to build in and customise your own business processes into the system and drive it across the organisation through effective work management.

Business Rules Engine
This unique, optional module brings ultimate flexibility for your company. It allows you to configure the system to suit your own environment and staff.

Key features include:

  • Define own fields and tables
  • Cross validate against any known field
  • Configure own screens, showing only fields required and defaults values

This offers a rules-based and prioritised work routing environment. It ensures that when a Customer Service Representative (CSR) requests a piece of work, the most appropriate item with the highest priority where the CSR has the authorisation to undertake is delivered. When the necessary actions have been undertaken, the work item is either passed automatically to the next step for further actions or review or to a completed state as appropriate. Whenever work is actioned, a record of all tasks undertaken by all users is stored in an audit trail that can then be utilised for reporting and productivity monitoring purposes.

Key features include:
A built-in knowledge enabler that takes away the ‘process thinking’ from the user, allowing them to focus only on the delivery rather than what to do
A straight through processing that automatically works through multi-step processes, updating from one to multiple application systems and using a set of defined business rules, routing work to other automated steps or to people for exception handling

Enterprise Integration
This offers the connectivity and capability to interchange data with other systems within the entire organisation. Data is passed and interpreted based on business rules.