CALMU Meters


Electricity metering platform for utilities and end-users

Accuracy: CALMU 3+ is available in accuracy class 1or 0.5 (CT/VT-operated) or class 2 (direct-connected).

Flexibility: CALMU 3+ can be programmed with up to 16 tariff rates and up to 8 Maximum Demand registers, 

Communications: All CALMU 3+ meters have a PACT port fitted as standard, and can also be fitted with either a 9 pin ‘D’ port or an ‘1107 hardware compatible’ port. Communications are supported with various 3rd party hand-held reading devices, as well as remotely over PSTN or GSM modem or packet-switched networks.

Storage: CALMU 3+ features flexible load survey data storage for up to five energy parameters. Up to 160 parameter-days of half-hour data can be stored – greatly exceeding the requirements of current codes of practice.
Diagnostics: CALMU 3+ supports interrogation of instantaneous electrical parameters remotely or locally. Such data can be used to diagnose installation faults, and can be of great interest to consumers.