Casket Lock


The Casket Lock is used to secure most 3/4" and 1" wing or wingless, insulated or non-insulated gas cocks. The unique two piece housing completely encloses the gas cock, restricting unauthorized access. The two piece housing is then bolted together and secured with a barrel lock. Plastic adapter bushings accomodate 3/4" cocks. U.S. Patent 4,630,456.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty carbon steel construction
  • Patented tamper resistant design completely surrounds entire valve assembly
  • Bolt down feature secures two piece housing
  • Case hardened resists cutting
  • Contoured design to resist tampering attempts
  • Heavy duty lock head protector
  • Insulating bushings accomodate 3/4" valves

The Casket Lock can be ordered with a Barrel Lock that contains an Internal Weather Seal by adding the letter ‘S’ to the product code. Example N-1990B becomes N-S1990B.

All INNER-TITE Locking Devices and Meter Rings can be ordered with Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Barrel Locks.