CAUL focuses on loss reduction


25 de Mayo, Misiones, Argentina — (METERING.COM) — July 30, 2008 – Misiones utility Cooperativa Alto Uruguay Limitada (CAUL) has initiated steps to investigate and reduce the high level of losses, which are currently running around 26%.

Measures that are being introduced include fines for meter tampering and illicit line connections of $300 (US$100) and an increased fee with strict payment terms up from $20 to $50 (US$7 to US$17) for reconnections following disconnection. Furthermore people found to be stealing electricity would not be reconnected until the fine had been paid under the regulations recently approved by the provincial assembly.

Management Board member Andrés Johan said that “It is important to emphasize that while we need to cooperate, we also need to protect our cooperative and therefore also we want our partners to cooperate.”

Johan said that if anyone knows of electricity theft taking place they should report it.

CAUL provides electricity and potable water to a predominantly rural population in a 3,000 km2 concession area in the department of 25 de Mayo and parts of Cainguás and Guaraní in the northeast of Argentina.