Cayman Brac electric users save money with pay-as-you-go meters


Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands — (METERING.COM) — July 11, 2008 – Residents in Cayman Brac in the Caribbean are reaping the benefits of the newly-installed pay-as-you-go meters, as the additional information on energy use they provide allows them to change their behavior and thus reduce their bills.

The Smart Meters have an in-home display unit located in a convenient position within the residence, with the meter itself located outside the property. The display unit shows the cost of electricity per hour, per day or per month. Residents can track the cost of using appliances and moderate their usage if necessary.

The meters can be recharged using a smart card, which is available from the utility’s offices. If a homeowner runs out of credit over a weekend or a public holiday the supply is not disconnected, allowing users time to visit CBPL’s offices and purchase additional credit. The smart cards are inserted into the in-home unit, which reflects the amount of credit available.

The meters have become so popular that there is a waiting list of customers who have asked to be transferred to the pay-as-you-go system.