Cellnet and Corporate Systems Engineering announce joint technology agreement


CellnetAtlanta, GA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 26, 2006 – Cellnet Technology, Inc. (Cellnet®), a provider of intelligent communication and automation solutions to energy and water businesses worldwide, and Corporate Systems Engineering, a global provider of energy management solutions for internal utility applications, have signed a joint technology agreement to develop and market Corporate Systems Engineering’s energy control devices using Cellnet’s two-way UtiliNet® mesh technology communications system. The companies demonstrated their first collaboration, a two-way load control switch for demand response programs, at the AMRA international symposium.

The technology agreement encompasses both product development initiatives and joint marketing efforts that will take advantage of synergies between the two companies to provide improved product solutions for energy companies. With utility companies rapidly moving forward with the development and deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) initiatives which include energy control devices, the agreement positions both companies at the forefront of this evolving industry trend.

The combination of the two technologies will provide UtiliNet network customers with two-way open standards communications that enable smart home functionality.

With a two-way solution for customer communication, control and verification, utilities will be able to take advantage of the emerging demand response market. The collaboration between the companies will provide a significant advance in available technology for large-scale utility deployments of load control and AMI.