Change to Internet billing and save trees


According to UK utility Powergen, if one in five households were to change to Internet billing for their energy and banking needs, 75,000 trees could be saved over the next five years. And customers using the Internet are also able to save money by investigating the deals being offered by various utilities and switching supplier if necessary.

Powergen EnergyOnline customers can access account information online, update their meter readings to ensure accurate bills, and enjoy other benefits such as savings on their annual fuel bills and earning loyalty points from Tesco, a national supermarket chain. Customers can typically save up to £79 a year by switching to paying online, and can register to earn Tesco Clubcard points – on average about 500 points a year, which can be redeemed in Tesco stores.

Customers switching to Powergen from another utility will earn 500 Tesco Clubcard points once they pay their first bill. Powergen is the only major energy supplier to achieve a five-star customer service rating from