Circuit Breakers


To assure the safety of people and property, French standards advocate the use of connection circuit breakers.

The connection circuit breakers proposed by Actaris, for single phase and multiphase installation, are compliant with NFC62411 (differential) and NFC62412 ( non differential). Their main function is to help to limit customers’ consumption in relation to the contractual, subscribed power.

They are also designed to protect the network against short circuits and dangers to personal safety downstream of the tarification meter, at the consumer’s end.

Differential circuit breakers, designed to protect people and property, have a special feature that enables them to release unbalanced currents between phases and neutral.
Type S selective differential circuit breakers are designed for the same purpose but the differential function is slower.

This version is recommended when lightening fuses are used, or in the case of   transient voltage overload.The non differential circuit breakers are similar to the differential versions, but are not Circuit Breakersequipped with personal protection features.