City Power to host Smart Grids Africa


City Power has announced that it will be the host utility for Smart Grids Africa, which will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa from July 28-30, 2008.

City Power is the electricity service of the city of Johannesburg, wholly owned by the city, supplying power to designated areas. With power purchase agreements with Eskom and Kelvin in place, City Power’s primary function is to ensure access to reliable and low cost electricity to a spectrum of customers, from multinational companies operating in the heart of the country economic powerhouse, Gauteng, to households in impoverished areas. For the former, regular electricity supply is crucial; for the latter, affordability is key.

City Power is aiming to be a world-class electricity distributor, focused on the social and economic development of its operational area.

Smart Grids Africa will include a 2-day seminar reviewing how to implement a road map for African utilities and the technologies that will allow the grid to operate more efficiently, while modernizing existing grid infrastructure. This seminar will be led by international expert Doug Houseman, representing the Smart Energy Alliance.

A 1-day executive forum will include presentations on “Developing a smart grid according to industry requirements”, “Infrastructure requirements for a smart grid”, and more.

For more information on this event, please contact: Julia Barton–Hill, or tel. +27 21 700 3524.

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