CMC Ekocon deploying 30,000 water meters in Slovenia with Wavenis wireless AMR solutions from Coronis.


CMC Ekocon was chosen to deploy Coronis wireless technology solutions in the first large-scale automatic metering (AMR) network in Eastern Europe. The installation is the first of its type to offer such a high level of automated data collection and remote network monitoring services. Network deployment will take place over three years, leveraging the flexibility of Wavenis solutions and their ability to be used for walk-by meter reading using handheld terminals in the short term, while offering a smooth, cost-effective transition to entirely automated fixed network operation over time.

Wavenis wireless solution put to the test

A battery-powered wireless transceiver is connected to each water meter, enabling value-added services, storing large amounts of meter data, and responding to data and administration requests from handheld terminals or a remote server. The system allows meters to avoid serious problems by spontaneously sending alerts over a wireless connection in case of anomalies such as leaks,backflow, vandalism, and low batteries. The fixed network uses GSM-SMS concentrators to handle groups of up to 2,000 water meters each.
Depending on the landscape, Wavenis-enabled range extenders are installed to ensure that 100% of the nodes in each cluster are covered at the lowest cost. A middleware application running on the utility operator’s server handles 2-way end-to-end communications throughout the entire network– to each endpoint and intermediary node – from a central location.
Among other things, this project shows how the Eastern European market is ready to use technology innovations to provide new added value services for automatic meter reading. By choosing Wavenis-based products, with their high real-time accuracy, CMC Ekocon improves the precision and efficiency of its systems while enhancing service to customers. The new meter reading systems provides the utility company with more regular and faster reading of all residential customer meters.