Commercial & Industrial Systems


Actaris supports the Commercial & Industrial electricity segment by implementing efficient, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable energy data billing processes, which are increasingly based on interval data, for end-users, utilities, grid operators and contractors.

  • Hand-Held Systems: Actaris has developed a new range of reading devices based on the latest Personal Digital Assistant standards running on Pocket PC 2003© 
  • MultiVendor Remote Reading Systems:  Actaris DLMS Cosem meters are fully supported by major de-facto standard applications (Actaris NOTUS©, ITRON MV90©, GOERLITZ ENZ2000©, EnergyICT EIServer©, M2C Converge© …)
  • System-Integrators: Actaris has developed a comprehensive range of software components (API) enabling a quick and reliable implementation of DLMS Cosem protocol on any system:
    APICosem for Pocket PC (Windows© CE 5)
    APICosem for Windows© 98, 2000, XP
    APICosem in ActiveX format
  • Other Country specific applications are also available