Company Profile


Company Profile
Managing precious resource to produce energy and reducing carbon emissions require leading edge solutions to understand all aspects of energy production and its delivery, its use by customers and finally, its financial reconciliation with revenue completeness.

Secure has invested in all these aspects when developing its electricity and gas metering products as well as, radio and power line communication alongside, graphical in-home customer displays, controls, data retrieval and energy management products and services.

Specifically Secure is at the forefront of advanced metering applications such as AMI, Smart Metering and Smart Grid. Its core advanced metering, security and communications technology has enabled new market sectors to prosper and helped shape the adoption of electronic metering around the world.

In the current climate of energy conservation, dynamic energy markets and rapid development of new economies Secure’s Smart Metering solutions whether they are driven by revenue security, energy conservation, consumer choice, market development or Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, provide the confidence and flexibility for our customers to succeed.

Operating in 50 countries around the world Secure defines Smart Metering.