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Telit Wireless Solutions is a global leader in the field of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications and subsidiary of Telit Communications PLC (AIM: TCM). Telit develops, manufactures and markets M2M modules which enable machines, devices and vehicles to communicate via wireless networks. The company is the fastest -growing wireless M2M company achieving steadily increasing sales in the last four years, addressing a US$ 50+ billion market growing , and representing substantial business potential. From its corporate headquarters in Rome (Italy), regional headquarters in EMEA (Trieste, Italy), North America (Raleigh, NC, USA), Latin America (São Paulo, Brazil), and APAC (Seoul, Korea), and a wide network of sales offices, Telit provides global sales, logistics, manufacturing and support to its customers worldwide.

Telit’s Core Values:
Reliability, Quality and Customer Orientation
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Telit Wireless Solutions is famous for its four core values that play a key role in ensuring the customer’s success: business scalability, ease of integration, investment protection, and world class quality.
These key competencies are represented by a wide range of advantages and services that Telit offers to its customers. One example embodying these principles is the unique family concept which provides customers with maximum compatibility with all cellular wireless technologies.

Telit’s Unique Product Family Concept
Telit is, to date, the only M2M supplier to offer its customers a form factor and family concept. The product families are tailored to different levels of integration and volumes according to application size and production scale. All modules of one family have the same size and shape, the same connectors and the same software interface so that that they can be integrated and exchanged easily into existing customer designs with only minimal adaptation. As a result, customers benefit from modules that can be used for years in their applications. They avoid additional development outlay and thus protect their previous development investments.

Cellular and Short-Range Solutions from a Single Source
In 2008, Telit made a strategic move from a “cellular M2M” solutions provider to a “wireless M2M” solutions provider, including both Satellite and Short Range RF technologies in its product offering. Being the only M2M supplier worldwide to offer all relevant wireless technologies in its product portfolio, Telit provides its customers with tailored, single source solutions. The company develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of enterprise communication modules:

Cellular Technologies

  • GSM/GPRS modules
  • EDGE modules
  • UMTS/WEDGE/HSPA modules
  • CDMA modules

Satellite Technologies

  • AGPS modules

Short-Range Technologies

  • ZigBee
  • Short Range RF (proprietary mesh/point-to-point for unlicensed frequency bands)
  • Short Range to GSM/GPRS
  • Wireless MBus

Telit’s R&D Competence
Another plus for Telit’s customers is the access to a gamut of lab resources for testing their end products, preparing them for official certification procedures. As a former manufacturer of mobile telephones, Telit has extensive knowledge and equipment for preparation of virtually all common international testing procedures such as R&TTE/FCC, CE/UL and GCF/PTCRB. This increases the probability of a successful certification process, done right the first time. Telit’s R&D centers are located in:

  • Trieste (Italy): Telit’s Trieste R&D facility is the company’s main engineering, design & development facility, and headquarters for the global R&D function. Trieste focuses its braintrust in the advancement of GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and GPS technologies.
  • Cagliari (Italy): Telit’s Sardinia R&D center is the primary competence center for other wireless technologies and special projects. This facility investigates short-range wireless, satellite, and other emerging technologies for integration into the corporate portfolio roadmap.
  • Seoul (Korea): Telit’s APAC R&D center is located in Seoul, South Korea, and is the main development site for the company’s CDMA, WCDMA, and UMTS projects. It is also Telit’s center of competence for automotive specific products and rugged design technologies.
  • Sophia Antipolis (France): Telit’s R&D department in Sophia Antipolis has been fully integrated with the R&D Design Centre located in Sardinia to provide also full customization to Telit partners. Telit´s focus is on designing and developing innovative and reliable radio solutions for wireless automation and control.
  • Tel Aviv (Israel): The acquisition of Motorola M2M enabled Telit to open a fifth R&D center located in Tel Aviv. The team in Israel supports the other centers worldwide in the cellular sector.

All in all, customers benefit from a short time to market while at the same time enjoying a reduced total cost of ownership and time-to-market. Telit modules are priced to make them attractive for a wide variety of business cases. Every module addresses distinct application groups such as telematics, fleet management and AMR, security, POS, and others.