Comprehensive AMR/AMM system from Shenzhen Star Instrument Co, Ltd


By Ding Fumin

The Public Basic Energy/Resources Information Acquisition & Control Management System (AMR/AMM) of Shenzhen Star Instrument Co., Ltd is a comprehensive AMR/AMM solution which contains local data acquisition of electricity/water/ gas meters, data transmission by remote communications, data storage in system master station, data analysis and marketing management. It provides energy/resources consumption data and control & management methods to the public utilities of electricity, water and gas during their business applications, in order to achieve rational resources distribution, reduce energy loss, improve energy/resources utilisation efficiency, save resources and protect environment, as well as to maximise the social benefits ultimately.

AMR/AMM system

The Public Basic Energy/Resources Information Acquisition & Control Management System (AMR/AMM) can effectively promote the utilities to realise their standardisation and scientific management in measurement, meter reading, control and charging mode etc. It can provide accurate, real-time and reliable data from the source of users’ energy/resources consumption, reflect customer demand quickly and enhance the utilities’ service level and their ability to respond rapidly to market changes. In order to fulfil social responsibilities and respond to the energy saving policies of Government, this system provides a strong technical support to implement time-of-use tariff and stepped tariff of electricity/water/gas and adjust electricity/ water/gas price timely and effectively based on the changes in market of energy/resources supply and demand.

The Public Basic Energy/Resources Information Acquisition & Control Management System (AMR/AMM) of Shenzhen Star Instrument Co., Ltd is comprised of the following three parts based on its physical structure: System Master Station, Communication Channel, and Acquisition/Control Equipments of Utility Meters.

The System Master Station can be built with united or separate networks based on different needs and different places. If its network is connected to a public communication channel or other system, the firewall should be adopted for security isolation and to ensure information security of the system. The physical structure of System Master Station network mainly consists of database servers, disk arrays, application servers, front servers, interface servers, workstations, GPS clock, firewall, and relative network equipments etc. The scale of the system master station depends on the quantity of utility meter users, data acquisition and control points in the system as well as the number of concurrent workstations. Typical configuration parameters are detailed in the table below.

AMR/AMM system1

Communication Channels are remote communication channels between System Master Stations and terminals, which mainly includes special optic fibre channels, GSM/GPRS/CDMA public wireless networks, PSTN public cable network channel and the special communication networks built by utilities (Such as 230MHz wireless electricity channel by China National Grid Corporation ) etc.

Acquisition/Control Equipments of Utility Meters are the metering data acquisition terminals and utility meters installed in the measurement/control sites of public basic energy/ resources. For the power industry, it includes mainly metering data acquisition terminals in power plant/substation, special transformer acquisition terminals, public transformer acquisition terminals, remote communication multi-function meters, data concentrators in low-voltage transformer district as well as all the single-phase/three-phase watt-hour meters with function of short-range communication. For the water and gas industries, it includes mainly concentrators, collectors as well as all the water and gas meters with short-range communication functionality. Short-range communication mode can be selected as power line carrier (PLC), RS-485, M-bus, Zigbee, wireless (RF) and so on.