Condominiums in Toronto to introduce sub metering


Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — September 11, 2006 – Some 90 per cent of condos in the Greater Toronto area are bulk metered at present, but sub-meters will have to be installed to meet the needs of the new legislation.

At present electricity costs are divided among owners based on the square footage that they occupy; there is thus no incentive to conserve energy. The new smart sub-meters, however, will measure individual power usage and charge owners accordingly. This will allow those owners who want to reduce their electricity bills to change their behavior – by using their dishwashers during off-peak times, for example, or adjusting their thermostats.

Newer buildings are able to choose among several options for monitoring and paying energy bills, which involve both smart bulk and individual meters. Up to now very few condos have installed meters in each suite, but this could change as more and more people in the province come to terms with the legislative requirements.