ContaJusta: a better management of water for everyone


Water, as a vital natural resource,  is a precious gift which we all have a duty to protect.  We must therefore provide all the means we can for people to manage their consumption better.

The majority of flats or apartment blocks in Brazil have a single water metering point;  the bill is then simply divided up by the number of flats, sometimes without even taking into account their different sizes.
For the last three years, Actaris in Brazil has worked to create a franchise model called Contajusta ( The ‘right measurement’ in Portuguese), which enables everybody, and particularly those from the underprivileged social groups, to control their consumption by only paying for what they have actually used.

Each franchise covers a town in Brazil and is responsible for the complete installation of individual meters, as well as the hydraulic systems required both for dense urban areas and also for commercial and industrial zones.

Thanks to this individual metering, the tenants or owners can measure their personal  water usage exactly, and only pay for their real consumption.

This system makes all citizens sensitive to potential water wastage, but especially provides financial help to those people who need it most, by enabling them to reduce their bills through their own good water management.
With Contajusta, the reductions recorded in water consumption have reached average savings of 25%  to 35%.

Since the creation of Contajusta in 2005, four franchises have been set up: Campinas(2), Rio de Janeiro(1) and Sao Paolo(1).

The ‘Exposindico’ fair is  the biggest fair devoted to Building Management and took place last May in Sao Paolo.  The Contajusta stand was present there for the first time and enjoyed a great success.

In fact the management of water was identified as the second most important concern for building administrators. Individualizing meters, therefore, directly meets their requirements to manage water better and thus to significantly reduce costs. Four new franchises were created due to our presence during this event.