ContractExpert is a comprehensive, web-based, solution to initiate contracts with your end-use customers and other counterparties. ContractExpert enables creation of a legal offer document and provides the ability to store the documents and image files related to the offer. ContractExpert also provides a multi-step approval process to ensure that key staff is alerted to pending contract executions. This process can be configured to proactively monitor contracts and alert personnel to contract expirations through work queues. It can also be used to analyze contracts and customer usage, energy prices and demand to recommend alternate tariffs or contracts that would exploit current market dynamics. This can lower costs and identify opportunities to provide additional services to the customer.


  • Calculate term values based on business rules.
  • Enable Business process flow for approval, submission, execution, revision and amendments.
  • Store image of contract documents and any other associated files.
  • Alerts for contracts that will expire.
  • Interface to billing and pricing systems.
  • Create contracts from defined templates with a single or list of Counter Parties.
  • Validate contract requests and determine required and optional terms associated with the contract template.
  • Enter or modify the set of standard and optional terms associated with the template created.
  • Search for and upload required and optional external document files and associate them with the Contract ID. Documents can be either scanned documents or documents created externally.
  • Run a configurable process to calculate anything in the contract (deposits etc.).
  • Manage an approval process for the contract to ensure that all required managers have approved the contract before submitting it to a counter party.
  • Manage the submission of the contract to a counter party.
  • Configurable contract execution process. A process to update other LODESTAR applications that this contract is now active. Add new Work Queue items and interface to external applications to put the contract into production.
  • Create sub-contracts, new versions and amendments.
  • Track all contract revisions.
  • Batch processing to automatically calculate term modifications and create a revision/ amendment to an individual or group of contracts.