Coronis launches ultra-low-power system-on-chip design to provide both ultra-low power consumption and long-range wireless featu


Chicago, IL, June 6, 2006 – Coronis announces the launch of a single-chip solution for OEMs and integrators that provides ultra-low power consumption and long-range features for wireless sensor networks (WSN). The Wavenis SoC will be ready for production in late 2006 to ship in 2007. The new Wavenis wireless System-on-Chip (SoC) transceiver design delivers an optimal price-performance ratio for various types of battery-powered sensor devices, such as RFID tags, utility meter monitors, industrial temperature monitoring systems, and more. Coronis currently has over 650,000 Wavenis-enabled devices deployed, with orders for another 400,000 to ship before the end of 2006.

For the past several years, Coronis has concentrated its efforts on perfecting its unique ultralow-power (ULP), long-range Wavenis wireless transceiver. Consistent with its long-term growth strategy, the company is now moving forward with an even more sophisticated and costeffective solution for OEMs. The new SoC incorporates an enhanced Wavenis wireless transceiver and a unique, ultra-low-power microcontroller. Combining Wavenis, which consumes miniscule amounts of energy, with a power-optimized microcontroller not only significantly reduces consumption in every device, but throughout the entire WSN.

With usage in devices that require intervention-free operation for several years, the Wavenis SoC platform targets machine-to-machine markets associated with significant value-added services such as industrial automation, automatic metering, security, access control, healthcare, and asset and personal tracking. New features include:
• Over 10 times less power consumption than traditional low-power microcontrollers
• 30% less power consumption than current Wavenis wireless solutions
• Advanced power savings while avoiding network “overhearing” in dense networks
• Dedicated features for mobile tolling and RFID tagging applications
• Enhanced wireless performance at lower power levels
• Extremely competitive pricing – SoC-based, fully mounted and tested OEM card as
low as 4.99 EUR for 250,000 units (3.99 EUR for 1M units)

Designed in 0.18µm RFCMOS, the SoC will contain the embedded Wavenis communication protocol stack and dedicated memory for applications. Coronis is providing a development tools, including a dedicated C compiler so that developers can develop new applications easily in a familiar environment, even with the unique new microcontroller architecture.

Press contact:
Christophe Dugas, Coronis Systems
Director, Strategic Marketing and Communications
Coronis provides both “plug and play” and “ready-for-branding” products, as well as compact development platforms, including the Wavenis Product Development Kit, on which developers can embed their own applications. These platforms can be connected to a wide variety of industry-standard sensors, generally without requiring any hardware NRE.