Coronis Systems appoints new CEO


Montpellier, France, October 19, 2006 – In order to position itself as a worldwide leader for ultra-lowpower wireless solutions and grow its international business, Coronis Systems has appointed Laurent Samama as CEO of the company.

Former Managing Director of Nokia France, Laurent Samama has held senior management positions for over 10 years in major international groups, including Lucent Technologies and Nokia. He began his career at France Telecom, where he spent five years in international development. For the past two years, he has been supporting overseas development for French hi-tech startups. Laurent Samama earned his Engineering degree at Telecom Paris. He was awarded the French Information Technology Manager prize in 1998.

Laurent Samama’s arrival at Coronis Systems will enable the company to concentrate on its international expansion efforts. With nearly a million products deployed, Coronis Systems has proven its technological leadership as well as its ability to provide industrial production levels to serve its markets. Today, Coronis Systems products are deployed in diverse sectors including utility meter management, industrial telemetry, home comfort, alarm systems, home healthcare services, access control, fleet management and tracking using long-range RFID, personal and product tagging, cold-chain management, and more.

Olivier Guilbaud, Coronis Systems Founder and CEO for the company’s first six years, says “This transition is proof of Coronis Systems’ success. Choosing Laurent Samama is part of a very ambitious development strategy, supported in full by our lead shareholders Banexi Ventures and AXA Private Equity. This is an opportunity for the company to reach its full potential on a worldwide scale, and to accelerate positioning as the leader for ultra-low-power wireless networks.”

About Coronis Systems

Based in Montpellier, France, Coronis Systems designs and develops wireless OEM solutions for ultralow- power (ULP) and long-range applications. The company has created Wavenis® technology and a complete line of wireless platforms for OEMs and system integrators. Coronis Systems products meet the technical, operational, and cost requirements of ultra low-powered, long-range UHF RFID, wireless mesh sensor networks, and M2M applications. Target markets include metering, telemetry, track and trace, healthcare, access control, cold-chain management, and more. With offices in France, North America, and Asia, Coronis Systems currently has nearly 1,000,000 products deployed by major industrial partners worldwide.

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