Coronis: Wireless metering products aren’t stuck between a walk and a hard place


Coronis Systems provides breakthrough remote wireless AMR solutions that fit immediate customer needs with straightforward evolution capabilities.


Forget about overdriven traditional rules dealing with the regular exclusive walk-by, drive-by or fixed network AMR solution, and also with the one-way or two-way wireless technology dilemma…

Do not think of immediately redesigning and re-equipping the entire system to convert your installation to a fixed network for more frequent readings without having to redeploy from scratch. Here comes the time of suitable, flexible and cost-effective solutions that offer customers the best compromise. Welcome to the Wavenis world… Coronis Systems answers with AMR products based on its ultra low power and long range Wavenis™ wireless technology.


Now with several hundred thousand deployed units, including individual networks with over 25,000 AMR nodes, Wavenis-based meter monitors offer a highly reliable wireless solution that benefits from all the latest in wireless mesh network technology.

  • Ultra low power : 15 year autonomy
  • Two-way : remote and alarm management
  • Highly reliable communication (FHSS, BCH, FEC)
  • Point to point, polling, multi or broadcast modes
  • Mesh network : easy to install and to maintain


By creating its smart Waveflow™ end-points, Coronis makes it possible to build wireless networks that meet customers’ real-world needs: data logging, spontaneous alarms and alerts, standard and customisable algorithms for analysing flow rate (e.g. for load detection and load profile analysis) and more. Complementary smart network equipment, notably the company’s Wavetalk™ and Wavehub™ products, let you implement the optimal mix of fixed network and walk-by reading. Coronis Wavecell™ can even send meter data via the cellular network directly to back-end applications at your office.

Wavenis-based products are adaptable to any kind of energy or water meter and provide flexible, upgradeable solutions with up to four meters per module. Available in stand-alone external modules or embedded wireless cards for OEM integration, Coronis products offer the most cost-effective solutions for AMR networks, whether you need a turnkey solution or intend to implement your own ideas.