Curb Box Locking Device


The Curb Box Locking Device from INNER-TITE is designed to prevent unauthorized access to curb boxes. The Curb Box Locking Device does not require any tools to install; simply lower the proper size device into the curb box using the Curb Box Lock Key. Attempts to remove the device will cause the claws to engage the side walls of the curb box, preventing removal. The Curb Box Lock Key for removing the device is sold separately.
U.S. Patent 5,871,030.

Features and Benefits 

  • Quick & easy installation
  • Heavy duty carbon steel design
  • Cannot be removed with magnets
  • Cadmium & Yellow Chromate plated for corrosion protection

How It Works

  1. The Curb Box Lock is lowered into the curb box
    and rests on the curb cock.
  2. If unauthorized removal is attempted the claws will engage the side walls of the curb box, locking the device into place.
  3. The Curb Box Lock can only be removed with the Curb Box Lock Key (Sold Separately). 
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