Customer Contact Solutions Overview


DSTi’s Customer Contact Solutions provides a full customer service solution with tools for monitoring and improving the service you offer to your customers. It records, monitors and reports on customer communications and complaints.

The Call Centre screens have been designed with human factors modelling to drive call centre efficiencies by reducing Customer Service Representative (CSR) training and work time. The update functions within the system are designed as wizards, guiding the user through the process. They are fault-tolerant, and the user is able to return to earlier screens to amend data. Companies could also customise their own screens.

Key features include:
You have control of user screens and operational sequences matched to the processes and practices of your business.

The provisioning for a company’s business processes means that you can allocate resources to specific tasks, end users need be trained only for those specific tasks and are more easily trained, retained and re-deployable.

DSTi’s Customer Contact Solutions support multiple communication channels for your customers. This allows you to integrate automated scanning, telephone, email and fax for both inbound and outbound communications with options for your customers with their preferred media channel.

Customers could view their account via the internet, enabling them to see real-time information, as would a CSR working in the Call Centre.
It also provides for correspondence generation, which is fully integrated with Microsoft Word.

World-leading customer service levels
Complete customer contact history
Dramatic increase in efficiency and boosts revenues
Quality communications and enhanced company image
Reduce paper chase and storage
Reduce training requirements