The PRI Datalogger is a wall mounted device that can count pulses from Gas, Water, Steam, Heat and pulsing Electricity meters, with the ability to store the counts in 15, 30 or 60 minute (time and date stamped) blocks.
The unit supports the CALMU protocol and can share PACTLAN networks with CALMU* meters. 
The PRI Datalogger is ideally suited to logging and monitoring multi-utility parameters with the EASE II Manager WindowsTM based Energy Information System.  It is also compatible with the PACS software suite for manual reading.  The Datalogger can be connected to a modem or other remote communications devices, which allows direct communications with a central PC.


 – 8 or 16 inputs with 15, 30 or 60 minute profiling (560 parameter days at 30min SIP).
 – Indicator LEDs for each channel to show pulse activity.
 – Maximum pulse input rate 4Hz.
 – Pulse inputs suitable for voltage free contacts with a 3mA wetting current at 8V-13V. 
 – Each pulse input capable of operation with up to 500m of unshielded twisted pair 7/0.2 input cabling.
 – Minimum 50ms pulse width – Pulse de-bounce incorporated.
 – Internal real time clock.  No data or clock time loss during mains supply interruption of up to 30 days. 
 – Cumulative registers for each input channel maintained and remotely readable. 
 – Clock and unit serial number readable remotely.
 – Checksummed data facility for data integrity.
 – Supply: 230V +/- 30% 50Hz +/- 5Hz. (110V option)
 – Wall mounting in an industrial standard enclosure to IP65, with provision for cable entry and clamping.
 – Screw terminals providing termination for pulse cables and mains input.
 – Built in PACTLAN distribution box for connecting up to 16 other compatible devices.
 – Compatible with PACTLAN protocol with up to 4 units from a single modem or 32 units from a PACTLAN distribution unit.
 – Optional built in modem for remote communications.
 – Serial communications at 1200 baud via RS232 compatible PACT port with PACTLAN support (supports up to 4800 baud).