Dattus Commercial and Industrial Gas Meter


The operation of the Dattus meter is based on the fluidic oscillation principle.

The measurement unit is comprised of three functional elements:

  • Flow conditioner
  • Jet nozzle formation
  • Fluidic oscillator chamber

Meter Configuration Dattus gas meters are available as:

  • Basic—the standard meter features and fixed factor capabilities
  • Temperature Correction—the basic version with temperature probe mounted in the gas flow.

Standard Features

The basic meter performs volume metering based on the gas pressure and temperature in the meter. The functions available are:

  • Gas volume totaling
  • Fixed factor correction
  • Non-volatile memory for storing values and data
  • Optical communication port for reading/writing of values
  • Eight item programmable display • Magnetic switch to change display values

Optional Features:

In addition to the standard functionality of the basic configuration, the following options can be added:

  • Temperature correction using a temperature probe mounted in the gas flow
  • Volume and alarm pulse outputs
  • Push button to change display values
  • Gas Micro electronic volume corrector (EVC)
Actaris Dattus Gas Meter