DC-1000/SL Data Concentrator


Data concentrators manage devices on the power line network and provide the connectivity infrastructure between meters and the NES System Software.

  • Manages up to 1,024 NES meters and 4,096 associated M-Bus devices
  • Collects and reports meter data, including consumption and power quality
  • Can be installed at any point in the low voltage network topology, including behind a poly-phase, transformer-operated or single-phase meter, to allow optimal modem connectivity and minimal installation costs
  • Internal modem bay accepts and powers readily-available standard wired and wireless modems
  • Communicates with the NES System Software using standard TCP/IP-capable wide area networks such as GSM, GPRS, CDMA, BPL, and traditional analog telephone service
  • Uses authenticated and encrypted transactions with devices for enhanced power line communications security
  • Enclosure tested to IP56; severe-duty enclosure optional
  • Suitable for use in IEC and ANSI markets

DC-1000/SL Data Concentrator datasheet