DDS44H Single Phase Static Watt-hour Meter


Type: DDS44H Single Phase Static Watt-hour Meter

Accuracy: CL1.0,CL2.0

Power loss: ≤2W/7VA

Nominal voltage: 220V

Nominal current: 1.5(6); 2.5(10)A; 5(20)A; 10(40)A; 15(60)A; 20(80)A

Frequency: 50Hz

Others: Run with no-load design

1.Functions and Features
a. Active energy consumption measurement
b. Active power measurement
c. Active test impulse output
d. Register display
e. Tamper and fraud immunity design, especially for the electricity theft way through one fire line and one grounding line.

2. Technical Characteristic
Reliability:Simple structure with high reliability
Stability:No calibration needed during long working period with high stability 
 Watt Hour Meter 44h