DDSF51-L Single Phase Static Multi-rate Energy Meter


Type: DDSF51-L Single Phase Static Multi-rate Energy Meter

Accuracy: 1.0,2.0

Power loss: ≤2W/5VA

Nominal voltage: 220V

Nominal current: 10(80)A

Frequency: 50Hz


1. Functions and Features

1.1) Measurement Function
a. Active energy consumption measurement

1.2) Real-time Measurement Function
a. Instantaneous active energy consumption measurement

1.3) Multi-rate Function
a. Summer/winter time switch, 4 tariffs, 8 time segments, 5 day tables, 6 lines year table, 32 holidays

1.4) Communication Function
a. Meter reading and setting can be achieved via RS485(1200¡«9600bps£)or infrared port
b. Communication protocol: IEC1107

1.5) Output Port
a. Active/reactive test impulse output port

1.6) Event record
a. Alarm when cover removed, record the number of upper cover and terminal cover remove event
b. Last cover remove record stamped with date & time
c. 15 pieces of history record will be stored automatically or manually

1. 7) Display:LCD

1.8) Other Functions
a. Malfunction display function

2. Technical Characteristic

Reliability:Special measurement chip adopted with high reliability
Stability:No calibration needed during long working period