DDSF67: Single-Phase Multi -Tariff Static Watt-Hour Meter



  • IEC 1036-2000 Alternating Current Static Watt-hour Meters for Active Energy (class1 and 2)
  • Chinease GB/T 17215-2002 Alternating Current Static Watt-hour Meters for Active Energy (class 1 and 2)
  • Chinease DL/T 614-1997 Multi function Watt-hour. Equivalent to IEC 1038:1990
  • Chinease DL/T 645-1997 Multi-function Watt-hour meter Communication Protocol equivalent to IEC 1107
  • Chinease GB/T 15284-2002 Particular requirements for multi-rate electricity meters


DDSF67: Table



  • Accurate Forward measurement if reversal current.
  • Multi-tariff:2 Tariffs and 8 programmable time zones.
  • Communication: Remote Infra-red and isolated Rs485 interface for meter reading
  • RS485 interface can withstand AC220 Volts and 15kV ESD
  • The distance of Infra-red communication in more than 4 meters and the angle is more than 15 degree
  • 3 years LCD with Backlit displays under main power supply failure condition.
  • Isolated second signal output/for testing, width of pulse is not less than 20ms
  • RTC with temrature compensation
  • Self-diagnostic: RTC (Real Time Clock), Battery voltage, Memory (EEPROM), abnormal communication, etc
  • Events Logging (at least 3 records) : RTC verification, Abnormal RTC data, Low battery voltage, Data setting, Reversal current, etc.