DDSY31: CPU Single-Phase Prepayment Meter with LCD



  • Chinease GB/T 17215-2202 Alternating current static watt-hour meters for active energy (class1 and 2) equivalent IEC 1036.
  • Chinease GB/T 18460-2001 IC card prepayment system.

DDSY31 - 3 



 DDSY31 table


  • Bidirectional metering single-phase alternating current active energy.
  • LCD Display
  • One meter one card. One meter also supports several cards.
  • Encrypted card/CPU card could be chosen
  • Load control. Automatically disconnect when overload. Breaker could be closed once inserting card
  • Warn when credit energy is below limit.
  • Emergent credit
  • RS485 is optional
  • Multiple-tariff is optional
  • No battery. Data storage over 10 years without power.
  • Could be customized basing on customer’s requirements