DDSY31: Single-Phase Pre-Payment Meter (CPU Card)



  • IEC 1036-2000 Alternating Current Static Watt-hour Meters for Active Energy (class 1 and 2)
  • ISO/IEC 7816_1997 Information Technology, Identification Cards, Integrated Circuit Card with Contacts Parts 3 Electronic Signals and Transmission Protocols.
  • Chinease JB/T8382-1996 Prepayment Electrical Meter.
  • Chinease GB/T 18460.3 Pre-payment vending system using integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts Part 3: Pre-Payment electricity meters.



DDSY31 3 table



  • Prepayment feature w/programmable holidays (Power supply can not be cut off).
  • Programmable remaining money/equivalent power energy amount alarm.
  • IC Card port and date security protection: Various protection treatments apply to.
  • The port frompenetration fo dust and water and from spiteful electric attacks.
  • Accurate Forward measurement with direction indication if reversal current.
  • Maximum demand measurement with programmable period.
  • Multi-tariff: 4 Tariffs and 8 programmable time zones.
  • Communication: Remote Infra-red and isolated RS485/RS232 interface.
  • The distance of Infra-red communication is 4m and angle is 15 degree.
  • Rs485 interface can wwithstand AC220 Volts and 15kV ESD.
  • Power energy and second pulses output.
  • Parameters display by auto scroll modeand push buttons
  • RTC with temperature compensation.
  • Self-Diagnostic: RTC (Real Time Clock), Battery voltage, Memory (EEPROM), abnormal communication,etc.
  • Events Logging (at least 3 records) : RTC verification, Abnormal RTC data, Low battery voltage, Data setting, Reversal current , Meter cover opening detection, etc.