Deal watch: Arad to supply AMR water meters to Uruguay utility

Israeli water meter manufacturer the Arad Group has won a deal with Uruguay’s national water utility to supply 45,000 automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions.

Obras Sanitarias del Estado (OSE), which provides water and sewerage across the country, has ordered the Gladiator residential positive displacement water meters for installation in different locations across the country.

Meter maker expands globally

The deal builds on Arad’s growing activity in Latin America. As part of its efforts to strengthen its presence in this fast-growing market, Arad recently acquired Mexico’s leading water meter manufacturer Cicasa.

Rami Ziv, VP International Sales & Marketing at Arad, said: “Uruguay is one of Latin America’s most advanced water markets and the fact that OSE has chosen Arad to provide it with advanced residential meters indicates our strong position in this lucrative market.

“As Uruguay is a regional leader in the utilization of water metering, we can assume that other utilities and water companies will follow in OSE’s footsteps.”

The remote water reading market in Latin America is expected to experience compound annual growth rate of 27 per cent in the next several years, according to research conducted by Navigant in 2010.