Deal Watch: CESI pens deals with Oman utility for smart metering


Oman’s Electricity Holding Company (EHC) has signed a deal with global technical consulting and engineering firm, CESI, smartmetersfor the introduction of smart metering for utility customers. Under the contract CESI Middle East will assist EHC and its subsidiaries ‘develop the blueprint for the implementation of AMR,… for high value customers in Oman’.

Through the partnership, EHC hopes to improve billing accuracy, decrease losses and reduce query-related costs. The agreement will also support the government’s privatisation policies for the electricity sector and deliver more sophisticated services for high value customers.

Creating the rollout plan

In putting together a blueprint for AMR implementation, CESI will work with EHC to define customer segments and the functional requirements of AMR, as well as plan the rollout approach. CESI will also outline security measures and standards, and design the market messaging system for the rollout, as well as detail the solution architecture and system level design to be employed in the AMR system. CESI’s responsibilities will extend to identifying meter specifications, framing telecommunications, media and IT solutions and handling the meter data management system (MDMS).  It will also map out the testing strategy, governance practices, risk evaluation and mitigation practices, reports the Times of Oman

Matteo Codazzi, CESI’s CEO said: “The Middle East’s growing demand for energy calls for a focus on technologies that promote efficiency and ensure the conservation and long-term sustainability of natural resources.”

Senior executives from EHC subsidiaries who were present at the signing, included Eng. Abdullah Al Badri, CEO of Muscat Electricity Distribution Company, who said: “AMR is a key enabler for customer service development for utility companies. Using it effectively will bring numerous benefits, like faster meter reading and billing.

“…  AMR is a platform that distribution companies can use to build more sophisticated services for their customer, and allow their customer to have more control over their consumption.”

CESI, headquartered in Italy has begun working with the Electricity & Co-Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA) in Saudi Arabia to develop a smart meters/smart grids strategy. It is also conducting studies around smart metering technologies best suited for the Saudi electricity industry and its customers.